Made to Move

With over 100 years of sheet metal fabrication under our belts, the experts at Blackstone Advanced Technologies are trained to produce trusted, durable solutions for the locomotive industry. Every product is crafted with you in mind, and we take the tough work out of your hands. Let us help you get started.

Applications You Count On

At Blackstone Advanced Technologies, we build custom solutions designed to withstand the natural wear and tear of transportation and maintain the endurance to last through tough environments.

  • Locomotives:
  • Inverter cabinets
  • Large hoods
  • Rear noses
  • Radiator cabinets
  • Mufflers
  • Other parts, brackets and enclosures
  • Passenger Cars:
  • Inverter cabinets
  • Stainless steel HVAC weldments and covers
  • Alternator silencer
  • Other parts, brackets and enclosures
  • USA

    Avoid off-shore delays and extra costs. Our sheet metal fabrication is done in-house at our Jamestown, NY facility.

  • Woman-Owned

    We proudly stand strong as a woman-owned and operated leader in the industry.

  • CWI On

    Eliminating variability in welding for quicker production and quality solutions.

  • Value

    Expert engineers are here to work with you at every stage of the fabrication process.

Trusted by the Best

GE Westinghouse Lockheed Martin MTA

Full-Service Capabilities

Combining advanced technology with valuable benefits to achieve your goals.

  • Laser Cutting and Punching

    Unmatched precision with high-quality surface finish.

    • 2000 watt CO2 lasers
    • CNC tutrret punch press
    • 10 foot shear
    • CNC hydraulic press brakes
    • Conventional hydraulic press brakes
    • Mechanical press brakes


    Wide range of welding services to meet your project goals.

    • MIG welding
    • TIG welding
    • Plasma arc welding
    • Spot welding
    • Seam welding

    Inventory Management and Storage

    Manage and story repeat inventory, no matter the size.

    • Never out of stock of the materials you need
    • Repeat order efficiency
    • Reduced supply chain inventory
    • Lower acquisition fees
  • Forming

    Our press room is equipped to form metal of any dimensions.

    • Metal bending
    • Metal rolling
    • Press braking
    • Stamping

    Powder Coating and Finishing

    Maximize surface protection and reach target aesthetic.

    • Increased part durability
    • High repeatability
    • Environmentally friendly

    Cell Manufacturing

    Quick, seamless production technique that minimizes waste.

    • Reduced total costs
    • Supply chain efficiency
    • Inventory management and production in one place
    • Repeat orders
    • Reduced lead times
blackstone fabrication capabilities in action blackstone fabrication capabilities in action

Our Work in Action

We have developed a great relationship with Blackstone Advanced Technologies over the last several years. Their dedication to providing material in a timely manner as well as their attention to detail makes them a supplier we are always happy to work with.

Ashley, Swartfager Welding, Inc.

Quick, seamless production technique that minimizes waste. Quick, seamless production technique that minimizes waste.Quick, seamless production technique that minimizes waste.

Bob, Bob's Welding, Inc.

Expert engineers are dedicated to crafting custom sheet metal products that are built to withstand rugged environments. Quick, seamless production technique that minimizes waste.

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